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Financial Literacy 101
Financial Literacy 101 is an interactive, multimedia course designed to help students make smart financial choices. In less than an hour, you will learn the basics of personal finance, set financial goals, create a monthly budget, and get personalized feedback on your financial decisions.

Operated by the non-profit Decision Partners, Financial Literacy 101 an unbiased education program that’s used on hundreds of college campuses. Any personal information entered into the course completely confidential and will not be used for any other purpose.

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Financial Literacy 101

Financial Tools for Students
College and Student Financial Help
Credit Card Tips
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Student Financial Games
Cash Puzzler
Financial Football
Road Trip
Money Metropolis
Peter Pig's Money Counter
Countdown to Retirement
Ed's Bank

Auto Loan Guidance
Auto Buying Guides

Money Guide


Mortgage Tools
Home Buying Guides
Get Approved Online

Find A Housing Counselor  

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPC) online search engine that assists consumers with finding local housing counseling agencies to advise them on housing decisions, home purchases, rentals, foreclosures, defaults and credit issues.

Online Interactive Tools
Over 60 Financial Calculators for Most Any Need. Includes Personal Planning, Leases, Personal Finance, Retirement, Investment, and Home Finance.

Online Interactive Financial Games
6 Financial Games for All Ages - Includes Financial Football, The Smart Money Quiz Show, and Road Trip to Savings.

Complete Online Interactive Financial Tutors and Quizzes Portal
Portal With Over 40 Modules Including: Buy a New Car, Check Fraud, Every Penny Counts, Investment Basics, Money Orders versus Checks, Take Charge of Your Identity, etc.

Online Interactive "How To Balance Your Checkbook"

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